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Famous Africa Acrobats comprises of several groups of well organized and talented 6-8 member individual groups that perform together. Their repertoire include incredible feats such as gymnastics, rope jumping, juggling acts, Limbo, balancing, contortionist and human pyramid building. The groups features Kenyan Acrobats with vast experience and have performed in many forums including schools, parks, circuses, theme parks such as Six Flags, and even at resorts.

What is the secret to our success?

We have brought together the most experienced African Acrobats currently in North America. Though based in North America, Famous Africa Acrobats can work anywhere around the world. Our talent are proven performers and have perfected their act. If you get the privilege of watching our performers in action, you will be sure to marvel at the blend between African traditional acrobats and western-style arts and circus skill that they have acquired and perfected over the years and which are done in a purely African way. Our shows are high energy acts, geared to entertain, fast paced to keep you on your feet and full of acrobatic ingenuity. People who have had the opportunity to watch our groups still come for more.

Why should you be interested?

This is an experience you don't want to miss. It is new, it is exciting and above all, it is affordable for small organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, fairs and festivals.
It is a show that is suitable for all ages and can be performed in all manner of venues. You sure don't want the opportunity of seeing our performers go by. Our performers are ready to entertain you to your heart's content. Don't miss the next show in your area and get a chance to enjoy an incredible african acrobats act.

What is in store for the future?

This is only the beginning. At Famous Africa Acrobats, L.L.C, we are truly committed to finding the best talent from Africa and committing that talent to providing fun and excitement to your crowd. Whether acrobatic shows, music or other culturally unique performances, we are committed to bringing to the world stage, the best from Africa in all categories. If they have talent, we will make sure they showcase their talent before an audience. Stay tuned for new ideas. Visit our web pages often to stay informed.

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